Trade Propel

Trade Propel

In addition to remaining our top overall choice for best online broker and our favorite low-cost broker, Trade Propel also unseated Charles Schwab in the category of Best Broker for ETFs this year. Trade Propel has excellent market platforms available for customers to use on their computers and mobile devices. In addition, the company leverages its strong market position to improve an already stellar product offering while maintaining very low fees and administrative costs. Trade Propel does not charge a fee or commission on stock or ETF trades. Trade Propel also offers its customers access to mutual funds, options, currencies, OTCBB (penny stocks), and fixed income products, including treasury, corporate, agency, municipal bonds, and CDs. 

Trade Propel also supports its users with excellent resources and tools for investors and traders, such as very strong educational materials, portfolio analysis tools, reports, calculators, and excellent screeners for identifying individual securities in an asset class. However, some traders may want to look elsewhere because Trade Propel does not offer futures and options on futures


  • More than 120 coins supported
  • Simple user interface
  • High liquidity exchange


  • Higher fees when not advanced plans (above $50k)
  • Slow support sometimes

Trade Propel

Trade Propel is a trading exchange offering nearly 2,000 assets available to buy, sell, and trade Tradmarkets is a brand name of TP Financial Services Pty Ltd. Trade Propel holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and a New Zealand Derivatives Issuer Licence (NZ FSP). Investing in over-the-counter derivatives carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. You could lose your initial investment. Retail Clients are given the added protection of negative balance protection. This means that you cannot lose more than the amount of money invested with us. Investing in CFDs does not provide any entitlement, right or obligation to the underlying financial asset. The platform you use is key to the success you will have on your trading journey. We are pleased to offer the most popular platform in the industry today. Charting functionality and innovative order management tools ensure that you can monitor your positions fast and efficiently. Our platform comes with a charting package, on platform news, and trading alerts that you can easily set up to help you trade. Take the platforms for a spin first, with a FREE demo account that comes loaded with $10,000 of virtual money.


  1. Good platform with a beautiful design and a wide range of services within the framework of cryptocurrency trading. Beginners can get by with the account manager model, while advanced and expert crypto enthusiasts may prefer may prefer trading themselves.

  2. Fair trading terms and conditions. Good broker services as well. Been trading for a couple of months now and had several withdrawals. So far, all is good. Because everyone cares about withdrawals, that’s what makes them legit

  3. My Gold investment plan earns me returns without me needing to break a sweat. It’s more than a retirement plan

  4. I have traded with other platforms and at this point and Trade Propel has the lowest fees, and it really seems like everything they do is on chain.

    If you want to transfer your eth out, its about 5 minutes. If you do this on some other sites it can be like 3 days.

  5. The most important thing for me is to be able to deposit quickly. Without problems and slippage to open an order. To get a good profit. And withdraw profit to my wallet or bank. All this I get from a broker in perfect quality, so I am okay with Trade Propel.

  6. Decent overall. Interface is not the easiest but once you it can be managed. Fees are not the best. Customer support takes a bit. But at least they don’t play with your money.

  7. Wow, you guys worked with Trade Propel for so long. I’m only here for 7 months, but so many things happened during these months! I gained a lot of experience, and it was good one. No fails, no bugs, good services. First time I withdraw to my bank it took 5 days, too long for me, second time was to bitcoin wallet and it was instant, so I always make withdrawals to only bitcoin lol.

  8. I have so many reasons to keep this broker service. Aside from fast withdrawals and good customer service, they also have more assets to trade and you can swap them, . They are an experienced broker for crypto trades.

  9. It really i the only exchange that i trust until after being scammed by all the others , even coinbase

  10. I can’t tell so profoundly as I wish I could. Worked with them for 2 years, but had a great break, so i didn’t manage to cooperate much. But all the time that I used the services it worked out well.

  11. Trade Propel is a great platform for a multitude of types of investors. The website is very user-friendly and it’s my go-to platform for investing in stocks because of it. I also enjoy receiving the daily market rundowns in my email inbox.

  12. It’s not everyday you get to come across platforms that actually does what they promise. kudos to the team

  13. I’ve used several trading platforms and this one by far is the best. Their customer service is quick and thorough, you just need to get the right one. If someone blows you off, contact again or call. Has always worked for me. I’ve contacted them on numerous occasions, like a lot actually. I may not have liked the answer I was given, but it wasn’t their fault and the matter has always been resolved.
    Their prices are fare, I’d say the best. The site is easy to navigate and understand. The app is good to find out what you bought or sold at or look up pricing etc but I wouldn’t use it to trade.
    But the best part and I wish I could give 10 stars is on 11/10/22 around 2pm ish I withdraw $316 from their platform to my bank. That evening the deposit was in my account with no fees. eBay doesn’t pay me that quick, nothing does.
    So ya, seriously shocked and grateful. I’m sticking with these guys for sure.

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