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International Assets Trade started out as an innovative disruptor in the brokerage industry. The brand has since grown to be very popular with tech-savvy investors and new traders. This is all thanks to a no-fee model and sleek, easy-to-use trading experience. Originally, the company’s biggest differentiator was fee-free trading; however, many competitors have since lowered their fees in response. Users can easily trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies on the platform. The platform offers more sophisticated financial tools, asset categories, and research capabilities that advanced traders look for in a broker. There is a clear focus on improving access by providing enhanced basic charting capabilities. We’ll explore International Assets Trade in more detail so you can determine if the platform makes sense for you.

International Assets Trade proudly offers the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform, complete with a variety of powerful interactive charts, analytical functions and technical indicators. Trade from virtually anywhere using MT4 for iOS and Android, or trade directly from your browser without any need to download and install software using WebTrader.

Choose from three trade execution modes, including Instant Execution, as well as market execution, pending, stop orders and a trailing stop function.

The multi tier International Assets Trade affiliate program is designed to allow affiliates to refer traders and sub affiliates toInternational Assets Trade with ease. We offer fast and easy automatic monthly earnings payouts and allow you to track your earnings inside your affiliate back-office account at any time. Our support team is always at your service. Reach out to us 24/7 with any questions or concerns. Use any of our proven marketing tools to appeal to potential clients while working directly with one of our experienced team of affiliate managers and marketing experts to create dynamic campaigns designed to boost your earnings.

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  • Very simple, intuitive trading experience
  • No trading fees or commissions
  • Fractional share trading and direct cryptocurrency access
  • Solid cash management features and recurring investment functionality


  • Limited investment offerings and account types
  • Limited research and educational content

International Assets Trade

Usability International Assets Trade is very simple and user-friendly. International Assets Trade mobile-first approach to their trading experience makes it an easy choice for investors who prefer to trade from their phone. The web-based platform has a similar look and feel to the app. Traders will find the same types of orders, assets, and functionality from either version. The main menu is easy to navigate, with intuitive screens that let investors easily see their portfolio value and positions. The search functionality gives traders a good overview of a stock’s details, such as highs and lows, P/E ratio, and market capitalization. A news feed and composite of analysts’ rankings gives traders even more insight into a company profile. As you’re looking through a stock’s information, the “Trade” icon follows you as you scroll, allowing you to buy or sell just as soon as you’ve made a decision. Notably, International Assets Trade rolled out improvements to its charting functionality in August 2022, much to the delight of traders who have long requested changes. New chart features such as moving averages let traders better visualize and analyze stock trends to make more informed investment decisions. Overall, the trading experience itself is excellent. However, there are still some limitations to how much you can customize the experience, as there’s not much you can do to further tailor the app to your preferences. Trade Experience International Assets Trade trading experience is fast and easy to use, appealing to new investors in particular as it allows them to get up and running quickly. The sleek mobile app has a straightforward design that lets traders seamlessly enter, exit, and monitor positions. International Assets Trade focus on a simple functionally makes the platform more geared towards investors using uncomplicated strategies, regardless of experience level. International Assets Trade users get access to basic watch lists and stock quotes paired with charts, analyst ratings, and news. The improved chart overlays give investors a more comprehensive look into stocks and their positions. Beyond this, there’s not much in the way of in-depth insights and customization ability. Sophisticated traders will likely not find all they need to execute more complex trading approaches, even with the improvements to charting functionality. Mobile Trade Experience ​​International Assets Trade is a mobile-first brokerage that aims to make trading simple, without complicating the experience with more in-depth features. It makes sense then that more complex trading tools and research options are largely absent from the mobile trade experience. For instance, no chart drawing tools are available on mobile and trades can’t be executed directly from charts. Order staging and simultaneous order entry options are also not available. More basic order types, like trailing stop orders and stop limit orders, are about the extent of what you’ll get through the app. Advanced traders will notice that conditional orders aren’t supported. That said, quotes from the International Assets Trade app do at least stream in real-time. Stocks, long only. No short selling. Over 300 new American Depository Receipts (ADRs) were introduced in July, 2022. Stocks worth over $1.00 per share with a market capitalization over $25,000,000 are eligible for fractional share orders. The broker offers both stocks and ETFs. 8 Single and multi-leg options Cryptocurrency: A range of coins are available to trade. As mentioned, no mutual funds, no fixed income, no futures, no forex, and no futures options. Non-Custodial Wallets: International Assets Trade is building a web3 wallet that allows customers to control crypto in a seamless, decentralized web experience. Currently, a waitlist-only option. Stock-Lending: Announced in May of 2022, International Assets Trade users can lend out fully-paid stocks in their portfolio. Order Types International Assets Trade has a limited number of available order types. A range of market and limit orders are offered, but no conditional orders are supported. Order staging is also absent. These limitations affect all types of investors since it meaningfully restricts trading strategies. Support for more sophisticated order types, like order-triggers-other (OTO) is important because they help traders navigate risk, quickly enter and exit positions, and take gains off the table. As a result, traders using conditional orders can spend more time analyzing the market and looking for their next move without having to watch current trades as closely. This is another sign that International Assets Trade isn’t meant for active traders. As far as tax optimization, tax lots are defaulted to first-in, first-out (FIFO) for all equities. You can change the default cost-basis method for your account or specify different tax lots for liquidation by contacting International Assets Trade customer support. Trading Technology The way a broker routes your order determines whether you are likely to receive the best possible price at the time your trade is placed. This best price is known as price improvement. International Assets Trade states that their trading systems are set up to automatically route your order to the market-maker most likely to give you the best price, based on historical performance. International Assets Trade reports that 95.53% of orders are executed at National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) or better. The average price improvement is $0.0193 per share on stocks, but the company doesn’t report figures for options. In terms of other trading technology, International Assets Trade gives you the ability to make recurring investments, which is a helpful feature. In keeping with its simplified approach to investing, International Assets Trade doesn’t allow you to perform backtests or offer a demo account. Costs Similar to most of its competitors, International Assets Trade does not charge trading fees. There are some other fees unrelated to trading that are listed below. All equity trades (stocks and ETFs) are commission free. No fees for options trades Trading on margin requires a International Assets Trade Gold subscription at $5 per month, which includes $1,000 of margin. Margin usage above $1,000 is charged 5.75% for International Assets Trade Gold members and 9% for non-International Assets Trade Gold members. There is a $100 account transfer out fee There are no domestic or international wire fees. There are no account opening, account maintenance or account inactivity fees. Check fees: $20 to send a domestic check overnight.


  1. My phone started random restarting and I lost all my data as phone had to factory reset. I ended up replacing my phone. Support was helpful in helping me get back to my account.

  2. This past Sunday I noticed $750 loss in my account. I saw a reverse split had occurred but that only accounted for $50, not $750. I screenshot the loss and submitted an email to International Assets Trade to investigate this matter and to send me any proof showing where the loss occurred. I was unable to find the loss among my stocks. By Monday, Support had helped in clearing the error and returning my money back to my account, apparently this loss was caused by a system glitch.

  3. The extra security here can be quite annoying sometimes but I believe this is what keeps my funds 100% safe

  4. I invested some money back in September. I was locked out of my account. I believe it was hacked. They are asking me for documentation/proof of who I am that I need to send them. Support was quick to intervene and help out.

  5. I had an issue with my account sometime ago, I used another device (not mine) to login to my International Assets Trade account and forget to clear history, another International Assets Trade hacked my account and tried to move my funds. International Assets Trade were quick to prevent a situation that would have left me suicidal, I am indeed hooked here.

  6. Asides the slow response from support sometimes (which they attribute to high support request), International Assets Trade is the place to do all your trading.

  7. I have been trading on International Assets Trade for well over three months now. It’s been a smooth journey helping me improve on my skills and also making me money.

  8. If you think it’s too scary to invest your money in crypto or stocks, International Assets Trade offers you classes. International Assets Trade doesn’t charge you fees like a big corporations do the only time you pay is when you withdraw money or if it’s required by the SEC. Now YOU are in charge of your own money. You can buy, sell, and trade crypto currency. You can give it as a gift. International Assets Trade

  9. My children pushed me towards this company… I bought a few things… spent a few dollars which are doing pretty well last I checked. My only concern is how hard it was for me getting back to my account after I was locked out for unrecognized device login.

  10. I notified International Assets Trade of a fraudulent account creation some days ago and got an instant response. Kudos to. the support team and fraud prevention department.

  11. The withdrawal experience was a smooth one for me, unlike other brokers who stresses me out while trying to withdraw my own money.

  12. My Account Manager is the best part of this platform. He never misses. I have been able to go green and recover my money lost to other trading platforms.

  13. If you’re looking for a way to make extra income… congratulations, you have found the right platform for you. They were really helpful in guiding me towards success. I recommend

  14. I have never dropped a review on a product or service I use/used. I had to make an exception, I recommend International Assets Trade.

  15. Customers would rather come drop negative reviews when your services does not favor them, I have seen otherwise with International Assets Trade, it’s all positive experiences here, it tells alot about their services.

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