E*TRADE is one of the largest online brokers in the country, appealing to investors of all backgrounds and sophistication levels. E*TRADE shines by offering an expansive range of investment choices and trading tools that are accessible through desktop, website, and two mobile app experiences. A vast educational catalog combined with an intuitive site design lets beginner investors enter the market with confidence. More sophisticated investors can leverage a wide array of analysis tools, charting functionality, and research capabilities to pursue their preferred trading strategy. Some features sophisticated investors may expect are not supported, however, like direct crypto exposure and international exchange trading. Overall, E*TRADE offers an extremely well-rounded platform that serves all types of investors.


  • Excellent range of trading tools, research material, and investment choices
  • Pre-built portfolios and automated portfolio builder options
  • Far-reaching educational catalog and content library
  • Two expertly designed mobile apps cater to different users


  • No international exchange trading or direct crypto investing
  • Fractional shares are only available through a robo-advisor portfolio or dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)


E*TRADE has been a leading broker in the industry since its founding in 1982, constantly embracing innovation to drive change across the industry. In the early ‘90s, E*TRADE capitalized on the evolution and widespread adoption of the internet to build and enhance its online platform, bolstering its reputation as a dynamic, powerful trading service. By 2020, Morgan Stanley agreed to acquire E*TRADE for $13 billion. 1 The platform appeals to new traders and sophisticated investors alike by providing an extensive range of trading features while remaining intuitive and easy to use. An already deep research menu has become even more robust, as analysis information from Morgan Stanley is now included across all E*TRADE versions. E*TRADE users have access to a broad range of tools that help with all types of trading, including stock, options, futures, and more. Passive investors will enjoy a wide variety of pre-built portfolios and automated portfolio building tools to assist with setting up their strategy. Notably, direct crypto exposure and international exchange trading are absent from the platform. E*TRADE’s educational content has seen an upgrade as well, with developments that give even more firepower to already knowledgeable traders while also letting new users move quickly from research to investing. Investors can access E*TRADE through their preferred experience as the system is available on desktop, website, and two mobile app versions. The desktop and website platforms provide comprehensive trading options, while the two mobile apps cater to investors of different experience levels and trading styles. Overall, E*TRADE provides a sleek, easy-to-use design paired with a wide range of trading features that appeal to all types of investors.

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